Post Installation Cleaning

On completion of installation, remove protection tape prior to final cleaning, and using a soft wet brush or cloth, and remove all debris from the coated surface. Never wipe with a dry brush or cloth as the cement or sand deposits will abrade the coating. Any dry cement should be removed immediately with a soft brush as it will attach to the surface coating when it becomes wet.

Wash the surface using a mild detergent with a soft sponge, chamois or similar soft absorbent cloth, rinse and dry, NEVER use based cleaners or PVCu cleaners. 

Please advise the address and date of installation to comply with the guarantee requirements.


The coating we use has been made with the finest raw materials, and when applied in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, it is intended to provide many years of trouble free covering. However, as with all coatings good maintenance is necessary to achieve this. Contaminate such as sand from coastal environments or bird droppings, should be removed with a soft brush immediately, and wiped with a mild detergent and soft absorbent cloth. NEVER remove these items with a dry cloth. 

As with any painted surface if there is limited or no maintenance, such as cleaning, this will cause the painted surface to deteriorate.