Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose Colour Kote over the other paint applicators?

A: We have been a UPVc paint applicator longer than other companies in the UK. Our experience with painting UPVc is second to none. If you've seen a coloured conservatory or coloured windows on a house we've probably done that project. We've completed huge scale projects for military bases, so there really is nothing we can't do. Finally let's not forget we have an incredible relationship with our customers and have continued to do business for over 19 years. 


Q: How long does the paint last?

A: The paint has been used for 15-16 years throughout Europe and still looks as good as new. It bonds itself with the surface allowing it to become scratch proof and stay there for decades. 

Q: Why is painting a profile better than an extruded colour profile?

A: Our finish looks better than extruded coloured profile as the colour has more depth. You can have  one colour on one side and a different colour on the other. With extruded coloured profile the colour is on both sides .

Our product can also be sprayed onto all woodgrain foils to give a coloured w/g Finnish . We can spray all the items in colour as no one else does a full range of coloured extruded profile .

Q: How quickly can you turn around a job?

A: This is like how long is a piece of string. It obviously depends on the size of the job and the surface we're spraying. The main thing is having enough time to make sure the product has time to dry before it leaves our facility. This will be advised depending on the type of material we're spraying and the size of the product.